The New Year in Eastern Europe is upon us!

с Новым годом!

The Mendeleyev Journal - Live From Moscow

Today, 31 December, ushers in the most important holiday of the year: the New Year celebration! For those interested, Easter is the second most celebrated holiday.

happy new year 31 dec

Generalization warning: The Eastern world is very large, and so naturally some practices will vary from region to region and even from family to family. But, in general this is a fairly representative look at how the holiday is celebrated.

Today shoppers are making last minute gift purchases, heading to the supermarket for special foods, and cleaning the home before guests begin to arrive.

ashan market signs
The family New Year Tree, if not already up, is being decorated. There will be no presents under the tree because that is the job of Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden. Magically, when children awake in the morning they will see that Grandfather Frost came in the middle of the night to deliver presents.

All this is somewhat close…

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