Epiphany: 19 January in Russia

понравился мне этот блог.Вот удовольствие толкаться у одно маленькой лунки.У нас всегда так.

The Mendeleyev Journal - Live From Moscow

The Russian term is Крещенские, and on this date Eastern Christians commemorate the baptism of Christ in the Jordan River, reenacting that event with a plunge into the ice.

Temperatures in Moscow dropped on Epiphany Eve to minus 20 degrees Celsius. The Epiphany is celebrated on this date in the Eastern world and that includes dunking yourself in ice water. Our baptist friends would be surprised to learn that we Eastern Orthodox Catholic Christians really do «follow the Lord in baptism» in a very literal way.

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At the beginning of the commemoration priests pray and perform the great blessing of water so that participants can take the plunge. Epiphany Water is believed to acquire miraculous healing properties.

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Special square holes are cut out in frozen ponds, rivers and lakes across Russia with 383 Orthodox churches and monasteries in Moscow alone offering the rites according to Voice of Russia radio…

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